Inks & Skins

Dr Fenella G. France

Fenella G. France, Chief of the Preservation Research and Testing Division, Library of Congress, is an international specialist on environmental deterioration to cultural objects. She has developed a research infrastructure that integrates heritage and scientific data and also focuses on data visualization. Her team is expanding the use of portable instrumentation through the “go-team” and the development of sample reference materials that support investigation and preservation of cultural heritage. Dr. France has worked on projects including World Trade Centre Artifacts, Ellis Island Immigration Museum, Llullaillaco High Altitude Museum in Chile, and the 1507 Waldseemüller World Map. She collaborates extensively with academic, cultural, forensic and federal institutions. She is currently PI on a Mellon funded project to scientifically assess the condition of print materials in USA research libraries. Other international collaborations include; Inks&Skins, University College Cork, Ireland, Collections Demography, SEAHA doctoral training, Beast2Craft Biocodicology project, and CHaNGE – Cultural Heritage Analysis for New Generations.