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Inks & Skins

January 2023

The Inks and Skins team at Marsh’s Library the week of January 30 conducting analysis on various manuscripts across multiple traditions. From left to right: Cassandre Deumié-Lacout, Anna Hoffmann, Pádraig Ó Macháin, Veronica Biolcati. Many thanks to the staff at Marsh’s Library for allowing us to carry out our work in this wonderful space!

November 2022

EVENT: Waste Paper in the 18th Century: a seminar

Thursday, 10 November, 2.30: CACSSS Seminar Room, ORB G.27


Geoffrey Day, Waste not, want not: the eighteenth-century obsession with recycling paper

Amélie Junqua, Seeing waste, or, spot the paper in eighteenth-century visual culture.

July 2022

Dr. Fenella France monitoring volatile capture of NLI MSS G 1 and G2 at the National Library of Ireland

Dr Fenella France & Prof. Ó Macháin carrying out FORS analysis of the Cathach at the RIA Library

May 2022

Our research team met with staff from the Waterford Treasures Museum on May 23 in order to discuss the ongoing results of our research conducted on the Great Parchment Book of Waterford. We’re excited to continue this exciting collaboration!

Our two PhD students presented at the American Institute of Conservation Annual Meeting in Los Angeles on May 16. They met with our collaborators Fenella France and Cindy Connelly Ryan (of the Library of Congress), who were also presenting at the conference. Congrats everyone!

We held our first Inks & Skins seminar on May 10. We were honoured to have experts from around the world join us to discuss the making of late-Medieval Gaelic manuscripts. Pictured from left to right: Tim O’Neill, John Gillis, Barbara McCormack, Fenella France, Klaus-Peter Schaeffel.