Inks & Skins

Klaus-Peter Schäffel

Born in 1966 in Southern Germany, Klaus-Peter grew up with books and stories, hand-written and illustrated by his brother and sisters. At the age of 15 he decided to turn his passion for manuscripts into a profession. He went to Basel in 1985 and started working for the Schenk Scriptorium and for the “Waldhandschrift” project (now at Stiftsbibliothek, St. Gall, Codex 1999). Ever since, he has been making parchment and paper manuscripts, working as a paper-maker and guide at the Basel Paper Museum (since 1989), giving evening and weekend classes in writing and illuminating (mainly in France and Italy (since 1990)), and teaching techniques of writing and painting at the Berne Restoration School (since 1996). Since 1998 he has also developed an interest in computer fonts.